Emirates: Benfica Safety Video… What is it? A PR Stunt, A Social Campaign, Sponsorship Activation, Advertising…

I don’t think it matters. I think we should just call it ‘Creativity’.

I am sharing the ‘Benfica Safety Video’, because I think it’s a great inspiration. Creativity comes in many forms. Often it’s damn simple and not as complex as we sometimes believe good stuff has to be.


Emirates applying the safety video concept ‘live’ in the Emirates Stadium just before a Benfica Game is just a clever. Does it go viral?
I guess (4,358,649 Views within 24hrs). Do all those views come from owned or paid media platforms? Not really. Those roughly 4millions come from the FB page of news media website ‘Khaleej Times’. Or let’s say the key drive comes from there. Only 180,085 viewed it on Emirates Youtube Channel and ‘only’ 46,723 shared it on their owned Facebook platform so far. ‘Khaleej Times’ already has ‘70,406 shares’ for comparison and they of course were only able to post it slightly later.

Long story short. As we all know now already: Campaigns that do well in social and which truly leverage the power of amplification and engagement this medium brings, are very often based on awesome off-line content. Seeding it across your full ecosystem is key though. If it’s truly based on a great idea and done well, ‘Earned Media’ will help you actually make it big. Something you can’t easily force through brand-centric, interruptive ads or paid traffic driver.

Anyways. Nothing new as always. I know…  But still a good reminder how simple, but good work for brands can work in a post-digital age.  And… we need to do more of that.


Bud Light pioneers 360 ad on Youtube

Advertisers can now tap into an additional layer of interactivity when it comes to youtube videos. The new feature that runs on Google’s TrueView ad platform enables consumer to pan around the field of view using their mouse or by tilting their mobile device. Bud Light is the first brand to leverage this technology featuring its #UpForWhatever Parade in 360°. Check it out in video below. While this example seems a bit plain, I am sure it won’t take long for brands to make smart use of this new feature.


Volkswagen: The Reduce Speed Dial

When a champion of German automotive engineering is asking people to slow down, you know you’re looking at a pretty special campaign. Colenso BBDO in New Zeeland created this experiment that aims at getting people to reduce speed at critical moments by introducing a customized speed-dial that uses a hand-crafted design for the numbers, as well as special messages from your loved ones.


Instead of monitoring the speed of your car by looking at the standard speed dial, people would look at tailor made dial that instantly reminds them of their kids, their wife of husband, triggering some instant attention on their driving behavior and getting people to drive more safely. A simple idea with great effect.


What3Words: A smart and simple way to communicate location

For some reason it feels like we live in a hyper-connected world. However, if you look at Marc Zuckerberg’s Internet.org project or many other initiatives that help bring the internet to people, you realize that actually there is still such a long way to go. With addresses it’s exactly the same. In developing countries not having a clearly defined address is actually a crucial barrier for accelerating the growth of small and mid-size businesses as well as for very fundamental things like providing food or medicine.


What3Words is an interesting start up that have developed a solution that addresses exactly that problem. They are using a giant grid comprised of 57 trillion 3m x 3m squares that cover the entire globe. It is the simplest way to communicate location. Smart Innovation that can actually make a difference to people. Have a look and vote via virginmediabusiness.co.uk if you like it.



Ricky Gervais helping Optus to introduce Netflix to Australia

Using a celebrity in an ad is easy if you have money. Making an authentic and entertaining ad can be a different story. Optus, the brand that is introducing Netflix to Australia proves to understand this game. They allow Emotive, M&C Saatchi and Fuel Communications to be bold and let Ricky Gervais the freedom to work on the script himself, making it a true Ricky Gervais experience, rather than a typical TVC celebrity endorsement.

You will find different degrees of using the pure Ricky Gervais irony vs. actually delivering the brand and product message across the different variants. But overall a very brave move from Optus. Watching Ricky Gervais talking in his very typical arrogant style about the tons of money they are paying him and his unwillingness to put any effort into this spot is just hilarious. In my view an absolute best practice example for good use of a celebrity in an ad. Enjoy.


The un-skippable Pre-roll Ad by Geico Insurance

The typical pre-roll ad is probably one of the most intrusive and annoying format within the array of online media ads. However, recently agencies and brands manage to become more creative in exploiting this genre.


Check out the un-skippable pre-rolls from Geico Insurance that show the usual testimonials who freeze after only a few seconds as the ad is apparently already over. Meanwhile, there is still some interaction with the background or elements of the ad that become active. Simple humor, but it works as always with the clear message: ’15mins could save you 15% or more on your car insurance’.


This is very much in line with the cheeky humor we already know from Geico’s 2014 ads, which I personally like very much as they are actually entertaining and fun. The type of content that consumers don’t mind watching.

The Four Horsemen: Amazon/Apple/Facebook & Google – Who Wins/WhoLoses – by Scott Galloway @DLD 2015

Happy Chinese New Year of the goat/sheep/ram! In case you haven’t seen it yet, check out the below 15min video. It’s a great speech/presentation by Scott Galloway, who runs the L2 Think Tank and known through the Digital IQ ranking ( http://www.l2inc.com/ ).

He looks at the 4 big players and their role in shaping the future of brands. Who wins/who loses?

logos 222 Scott 1

I’ve rarely been exposed to so much valuable content and point of views in a short 15mins PPT presentation.

Step: Electricity-Generating Sneakers

Taylor Ward, a design student from Vancouver has developed an awesome idea how to leverage the energy we create with every step we do. As part of an Intel-sponsored competition ‘Envisioning the Wearable City’ that is about to take place in San Francisco in February he presented his submission called ‘Step’.

Piezoelectric generators are used to get you 100 Watts of energy per step. It works via insoles that generate voltage every time they are compressed and stretched. The energy can then be fed back to the grid via wireless charging pads that can be placed in convenient locations. This solution comes with a companion app that shows users how much they contributed. Seems like a great idea with serious potential. The opportunities for using this solution to do good and gamify the whole process seem huge. Check out the video.

More info on the conference http://interaction15.ixda.org/

KFCxEXO China: Branded Entertainment that rocks…

I usually try to not feature to many Ogilvy campaigns as it kind of defeats the purpose of this blog. However, the recent KFCxEXO campaign for China created by Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai is something I really want to share. It’s a project I am proud to have been a part of with my team, as it really is a content and entertainment-driven campaign that does not feel like advertising for a fast food brand or chicken, but provides true entertainment value in exchange for engagement.


It is based on, and addresses crucial insights about the young target audience in China with regards to their specific and predominantly mobile-centric media consumption behavior, a fragmented and very vibrant local social ecosystem, their passion for gaming and music, more specifically the K-POP phenomenon. It’s a campaign that obviously speaks to hardcore EXO fans at first sight, but due to the passion and emotions of those fans then develops the power to radiate beyond and basically provides truly engaging entertainment content for everyone with engagement opportunities at every level and for every taste.

To me this is the type of great channel-neutral idea that successfully lives off- and online through a smart integration of in-store activities, reward mechanisms, digital engagement and the power of traditional high reach offline media.

kfc exo 2

Check it out, download our new App – KFC x EXO and please help to spread the word if you like it:


Key components of the mobile entertainment app:
– An awesome 3D Dancing Game with 75 Levels featuring the stars and the songs
– Selfies with the Stars: 10 Photo Overlays to take a selfie with EXO
– WeChat & Weibo GIFs: 20 Fun sticker animations featuring the stars
– Alarm Clock: Wake up to a video of your favorite star.

If you have a toy of EXO from the KFC Meal you will unlock all fan features via the QR code on the bottom of the merchandise figure. If not, you need to play the game to earn points… So far this mobile app that went live on December 29th, has a total of 3 years and 10 month of game play by all users combined… 🙂 Enjoy!

Not to forget the KFC x EXO TV Ads:

1. Food & Toy centric where you can see how EXO creates the Korean Flavored KFC Meal using their super powers.
2. Toy & Game-centric where you see how EXO uses they Meal’s Toys to unlock mobile fun. They play the App -Game, Selfies, GIF Stickers, Alarm Clocks in this spot.

KFCxEXO Alarm Clock:

Featured in Adweek.com

Featured in LBB Online

Dumb ways to die continues with Christmas specific safety message

Once a great idea has been created, the follow up either comes across light-footed or forced. This one is a really nice and ‘on brand’ Christmas-specific interpretation of the acclaimed ‘dumb ways to die’ campaign. The new song is called ‘Deck the halls’.

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